Compare Properties

Compare-Properties.com is a start up real estate aggregator founded in the year 2015. Within a span of 3 months, we were able to get 343 keywords ranked on the Google’s first page. In addition to this 42 images were also ranking on the Google’s first page.

Customer : Compare-Properties.com
Categories : Website Design & Development, SEO
Skills : Design, Development, SEO
Project Url : Compare-Properties.com


Real estate in India is a very competitive market, there are great number of portals fighting for the Google’s first page.


We took the project and anaysed it from the investors and the buyers prospective. We ran a pilot to understand what users really want when they visit a real estate aggregators website. Based on the findings we designed the website and added features that make sense for the users.


Sessions:66,708 Users:58,445 Pageviews:75,090