80% of All Web Trafic will be Video Related Content by 2019…

Videos are visual extravaganzas and video marketing of a brand is more effective than a thousand words. The moving image is increasingly being used to draw traffic to a website and is perceived to be far more effective than an inert setting.

Video Marketing

What can a superbly written, expertly produced video do for you? Whatever you need it to!
Tell us what you want to communicate. We brainstorm the perfect approach to tell your story. Whether it’s live action, animation or even something interactive, the right medium is the key to making an impact.
Maybe you have a product that’s hard to explain to your target market? We’ll dream up an entertaining, high-definition promotional video that succinctly explains what you’re selling and why your target needs it. Need a corporate overview video, product video or just want to get some folks on camera? Whatever the goal, we’ll make sure your video is professional, convincing and entertaining.


How Business Stylus video marketing strategy can work for you

Unlike many other video marketing services providers, Business Stylus professionals go far beyond simply making videos and promoting them for your business. We are an experienced video marketing company and our experts will implement a comprehensive strategy tailored to provide the best fit for your business. Our approach ensures you realise the full potential of your business growth.

Goal setting

As the initial step in our video marketing services, we discuss various aspects of a possible strategy to determine your goals. What exactly is it that you want to achieve? Do you want to spread a social message related to your product? Do you want to build your brand awareness?

Competitor Analysis

We put to use our expertise and years of experience for in-depth research and analysis to determine your competitors and their strategies. We adjust the optimum strategy for your business accordingly.


Our creative team begins creating your video keeping in mind relevant SEO techniques to build your online presence. This ensures your video not only reaches your target audience but also resonates with them.

Target market

We know that target market and demographics are critical points to consider when formulating a strategy. Is your target market mostly made of young adults? Are you targeting senior executives? Are you catering to retirees? We identify the appropriate target market to ensure our strategy provides maximum exposure for your business.


Our experts then formulate a comprehensive strategy for your business based on our findings and fine tune the details to help you convey your message in a meaningful manner to your audience.


Upon your approval we help you upload the videos to your website, YouTube, and any other platform you determine to be appropriate for your business. We also run video ads to increase the visibility





Designing Effective Video Marketing


Since videos are more effective and engaging, they have a greater impact on visitors to your website and hence have the capability to hold on to potential customers of your business. Our team of professionals put great emphasis on this factor and has acquired a high level of expertise in video marketing. How do we go about the process of drawing up an effective video marketing policy for you?


1. Work out goals and define the targeted audience exclusive to your business through a suitable approach
2. Draw up a video marketing campaign that will include an appropriate story line based on keyword research
3. Video production and uploading it on major networks like You Tube
4. Real time monitoring of the results


Optimising Video Marketing

Apart from providing great user experience to your website visitor, the advantage of videos lies in its capability to adapt itself to a wide range of situations. We adopt a number of strategies to make the websites of our clients more attractive through video marketing.


1. Videos are put in business emails, social media profiles or on direct platforms. This enables quicker establishment of a relationship with your brand
2. Articles with information and data are converted into slide shows for a better and more logical understanding
3. Videos containing testimonials of customers are incorporated. It adds a personal touch and lends credibility to your brand. This is a highly effectual marketing tool





Why Video Marketing?

1. 86% of brands will increase their spend on video in 2017.

2. 61% of young executives says they will rely more heavily on business class video within next 5-10 years.

3. 70% and by 2017 online video will make up nearly 70% of consumer internet traffic.

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