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WordPress Development

Setting up and running a WordPress website is very easy these days, if you have an understanding of the basics. But when it comes to corporate or custom level requirements that require integration of custom plugins, features and designs that stand out in the respective business category, this basic knowledge won’t help out and you need to call out to a professional, custom WordPress development services provider.


Business Stylus is a digital service provider who can offer a fully custom website in WordPress including custom theme, plugins & widgets for different functionalities. Our team has qualified and well experienced professional who can come up with the best possible solutions for any of your custom WordPress development services. We have a number of satisfied customers across the globe, who have grown their business in the online world with the help of our WordPress services.

Why WordPress is Perfect For Your Business

Easy to Use

Gone are the days when WordPress used to be just a blogging platform. It has evolved into a wildly popular CMS used by millions of people. Why is it so popular? It’s because of its easy to use functionality. Even if you aren’t a tech savvy guy, you can easily get hold of WordPress.

SEO Friendly

Undoubtedly, WordPress is a reigning king of CMS when it comes to SEO. If you ask any digital marketing experts about the best CMS for SEO, they will say WordPress. Because WordPress has millions of plugins readily available that makes even a noob look like an expert.

WordPress Backup

Configure the periodic back up for your website so just in case if something goes horribly wrong, you don’t have to panic.


WordPress lets you easily control the flow of your content. You don’t have to ask a developer to add a line of code, create a page or delete a page every time you add a piece of content. With WordPress, you can easily add, edit, or delete the content you need anytime.


It comes with a built-in adapter that notifies you every time a plugin has an update. This makes your website safe from those notorious data crawlers who want to hack your website. Additionally, it gives many options of security with different plugins that ensure a high level of safety and security.


Layout and content respond to your visitors viewing experience. We design around fluid and adaptive elements for optimal device compatibility.

What do we Cover

Our dedicated team deliver result...

1. PSD to WordPress:

Do you have a photoshop design that deserves care and justice? Do you need a pixel perfect, mobile friendly PSD to WordPress conversion? We will make that happen for you. We will flawlessly convert your photoshop design into a stunning WordPress website that visually absorbs equal measures. At Nirmal Web Studio, we hand-code every PSD in a manner that it retains its true value and identity. If you are more into PSD to HTML, we have still got you covered.




2. HTML to WordPress:

Does your site looks pale and old? Do you want to give your website a new outlook? Or, do you want to keep the same design but change it to WordPress? Look no further, we can easily convert your static website to WP. You won’t lose your content, and more importantly, SEO value of your website will be kept intact.

3. Joomla/Drupal to WordPress:

The advance functionality and open source nature of Drupal and Joomla have made them one of the most preferred choices for programmers. However, it’s complex back-end mechanism and regular demand of a programmer for even a small change, makes it hectic. This is why most people move to WordPress instantly. If you are one of them, we can easily convert your Joomla/Drupal website to WordPress.



4. Custom WordPress Development:

Do you have an idea about your website? Our team will work with you closely to give you the site you have imagined. One of the best features of WordPress has to be its flexible framework that can be integrated seamlessly to build any kind of website.


Launching your website is the start of your journey. Now the next challenge begins. How is your site performing, is it converting, how do you increase sales, retention is low, why? These are just a few questions you need to ask, and most importantly know how to act upon. Every website needs a post launch action support plan. Here is how we can help you grow online.



The last thing you need is for your site to be offline from a lack of maintenance or updates. It just takes one outdated plugin to bring your online business to a stop.

Scheduled updates, backups and enhanced security. We’ll take care of this, so you can do what’s important to you, that’s running your business.

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