We make PPC advertising profitable for your company

At Business Stylus, we don’t just optimise your PPC campaigns. We work with you to optimise the conversion rate of your website so you can make a profit from PPC advertising.

PPC advertising should be part of every online marketing strategy

If you aren’t investing in PPC advertising then you’re at a serious disadvantage. Not only is PPC advertising the fastest way to generate leads and sales for your business, it’s also the best way to get in front of your best prospects wherever they are online.

But PPC advertising is hard to make profitable because of the level of competition online. That’s where we come in. At Business Stylus, we don’t just optimise your PPC campaigns, we also optimise your website’s conversion rate because we know that a high conversion rate is the biggest competitive advantage may have.


Our PPC/Google Adwords Services

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the foundation for PPC account. We analyse client’s website to understand the flow, category etc based on the inputs we create themes and find relevant keywords

Create ad Variation

We create attractive and appealing ad copies variations to encourage viewers to click on the adv and visit landing page. We run A/B testing to write compelling ad copies and further tweak the communication

Refine your Campaign

We keep analysing the campaign, learn from it and keep refining it wherever possible. We apply the 80/20 rule. Out of all the keywords, only 20% to 40% may give you real value – ie sales.

Build Specific Landing Pages

To have better user engagement we create relevant landing pages as per decided themes. We create multiple versions of the landing page and run A/B testing on the landing pages

Report and Analytics

We share the read only access to the child account, this ensures 100% transparency with respect to spents and control. In addition to this we share weekly, bi-monthly, monthly reports

Optimise for ROI

Once we have setup the account. It’s time for optimizations, experiments, mobile campaigns, display network campaigns, RLSA (remarketing list of search ads), Dynamic Remarketing, PLA Feed – the list goes on

What do we Cover

Our dedicated team deliver result...

Reach your customers when they are in ‘buying mode’ with paid search. Combine in-depth data insights with Business Stylus expert knowledge to build an actionable campaign.

 Our Strategy and Roadmap for PPC/Google Adword


Strategic planning

Drive more revenue from your search budget by making all your digital channels – search, marketing automation and social – work together to drive hard revenue results. Define the objectives of your campaign upfront then combine the elements of search marketing, display and social that allow you to achieve these goals.

ROI Focused

Maximise your return on investment with paid and organic search, and social campaigns that are comprehensively planned, launched and managed. Enjoy the benefit of having a properly managed campaign that is continually reviewed and optimised on behalf of your business.



Monitoring and analytics

Stop drowning in numbers and start getting the results you’re after. Track and report on the effectiveness of your search channels so you can continually refine and improve your campaigns to ensure you continue to meet your business objectives.referrals, website visits, user engagement and conversions.

Increase revenue. Decrease costs.

Don’t Just Stand There Looking at Your Competition Running Away With All Your Customers

By using our tested methods, and our commitment to continuous optimization, we improve your overall conversion rate and reduce the cost per acquisition. We work with design teams and CRM teams to identify and implement improvements that create greater efficiencies and continue to drive down cost per acquisition, increase conversions and build revenue.

Our Clients

We love our clients and we are proud of them

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